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Gleemax is Dead…is WOTC feeling OK?

OK, so I’m a bit behind the curve here, but Wizard’s of the Coast’s version of MySpace, better known as Gleemax, is officially dead.  I got the word over at Chatty DM’s yesterday.  And, the thing is, I’m a bit sad it didn’t work out for WOTC.  Yeah, I’m no fan of 4th Edition, but that doesn’t mean I want to see the company fail.  I’ve been a big fan of D&D since the TSR days, and I used to play Magic too.  That game was a lot of fun as well.  WOTC has brought a lot of fun into my life between those two games they own, so why would I wish them ill?

The idea behind Gleemax is a good one, only that could work if developed properly.  I never spent any time there, so damned if I know what all the problems were, but apparently there were plenty.  It’s a shame too, because a MySpace without the cliquey “popularity” BS that was designed for and by gamers would be a blast as well as beneficial to the gaming community.  As things stand, it’s mostly a bunch of disconnected blogs and forums with links between one another.  A Gleemax could serve as a central hub of all that, and provide hundreds of other gamers with their own voice.

In possibly related news, WOTC is shutting down all novels not D&D or Magic.  I say “possibly related” because, according to WOTC, Gleemax is being shut down for non-economic reasons, but I can’t help but think that, despite the surge in sales of 4th Edition, something is wrong at WOTC.  Of course, they could also be focusing on their core brands in an effort to prevent a recession from affecting them (or is it effecting?  I always get those confused).  It’ll be interesting to see what will happen.  For what it’s worth, I only wish Wizard’s of the Coast the best of luck.  Luckily, being owned by Hasbro will help them, but only so much.

Here’s hoping for a brighter future.

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  1. It’s okay tom, I read your blog! Good stuff too.

    Comment by Donny_the_DM | July 31, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks Donny 😀

    Between you and my Mom, I figure I’ve got two readers on a regular basis!!!! 😀

    Comment by Tom | August 1, 2008 | Reply

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