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Alignment Part 8 – Maintaining the Balance

Good and Evil are relatively abstract concepts.  Neutrality represents the middle ground between the two.  However, one commonly played alignment is that of true neutral.  The thing is, it should probably be the least played alignments.  Why?  Well, for a several reasons.

First, understand that to be a true neutral character, you must balance good acts and evil acts.  Since the acts themselves aren’t necessarily good or evil, the motivation must be on one side or the other generally.  Occasionally, just following along for the ride will work as a neutral motivation, but there are limits to that reason.

The true neutral character will often work toward maintaining a balance in the world.  For example, if they find themselves in an evil kingdom, they will work toward toppling the evil regime.  However, they will act against a good realm as well.  The balance is vital to many of these characters.

Another manifestation of true neutral behavior would be animalistic.  For example, a character who practiced a Darwinian-esque idea of survival of the fittest amongst humans would qualify as true neutral.  They don’t favor good or evil, only strength.  Since they accept they may be “culled” as well, they aren’t evil characters by any extent.

A third example of the true neutral alignment is the character who just lets things happen.  They are not interested in being a player to the politics of the world, or much of anything else really.  These are truly uncaring characters in many ways.  However, there is usually a little something to motivate them towards action, but that will essentially spur them out of the true neutral alignment.

Keeping the truly neutral characters, both PC and NPC, to a minimum goes a long way toward adding a great deal of realism to any role play world!


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