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Alignment Part 9 – Goodie Two Shoes

In the realm of role play, good alignments make up the vast majority played.  Many DMs only allow good and neutral alignments, and prefer good.  It’s easier to justify a character taking a plot hook and running with it.  Frankly, it’s easier for many players to actually play a good character, since that is part of the nature of their own make-ups.  Many people role play to become heroes.  Heroes are the good guys.  It’s just that simple.

In the last section of our look at alignments, we’ll delve into the good characters.  What makes them tick and what mistakes to many players make when playing them.  And yes, there are plenty of players who make mistakes when playing the good alignment, or at least in my opinion.  They aren’t as severe as the evil and neutral alignments generally, but they are still there.

The problem with many players portrayal of the good alignment is they tend towards the wrong one.  I know I did early in my gaming career, so I hope to empart a bit of wisdom along the way here.  I’ll also offer a bit of advice about how you and your GM can possibly add some meat to the alignment part of a class like the Paladin.

Hopefully, by the conclusion of this section of the series, there will be a place where GMs can send players with advice on how to play various alignments, and this final section is probably where most will need to be.  So sit right there and I’ll tell you a tale, a tale of a tiny ship…no wait, that’s not right…on yeah, a tale of alignments.

OK, so maybe the tiny ship story would be more awesome, but it’s been done.  I still don’t see how they could have power and houses, but couldn’t fix the boat or build a new one.  😉


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