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Alignment Part 12 – Pure Good

Lawful and chaotic good characters are bound by law and chaos.  The neutral good character is bound only by good.  They don’t care about the law and chaos or any other factors.  In my opinion, the neutral good character is the closest to pure good out there.  Laws can actually limit the good a character can do, even with a code of conduct.  But the neutral good character is, like the chaotic good character, driven by his heart to do good.

Unlike the chaotic good character given the choice between saving the kingdom and saving the kingdom, who would just as often choose to save the kitten, the neutral good character will almost always choose to save the kingdom.  Their choices are simple and uncomplicated.  “The King demands that we stay clear of the forest, even though we’ve heard the orcs took a child in there?  Who cares! We go!”

However, in that same instance, the lawful good character may balk at disobeying the king.  Despite the fact that both are good characters, and both are non-chaotic alignments, this can easily illustrate the differences between the two alignments.  In this example, the lawful good character’s reasoning could be something like “But the King has forbidden it!  I’m sure he’ll send his men in there after the child after all, he is a good King.  The child will be fine!”  However, he has no information that makes him think this.  He hasn’t necessarily seen the Kings men enter the forrest, and even so, in any fantasy game PCs are generally better at these sorts of missions than standard soldiers anyways! 😉

The neutral good character will do whatever is necessary to perform good, either with the law or in spite of it.  There is nothing that stands in his way morally to doing good.  The only moral quandries he’ll find himself in is one where two equally good works are required, but he can only do one.  At this point, I can only suggest a character has a plan to deal with these situations, such as choosing the one with the higher chance of success, etc.

And with that, we conclude our series on alignments.  It’s been interesting for me, and I hope for you as well.  It’s vital to understand that this is simply one interpretation of alignment.  While I may agree or disagree with anyone else’s interpretation of any given alignment, I do not believe that I have written the definitive work on the subject by any means.  What I’ve done instead, I hope, is given folks a spot to find some answers that previously didn’t really exist in one spot.  While I may revisit the subject of alignment in the future, this series as been a labor of love that has gotten a pretty good response.  I hope you all enjoyed the process as much as I have.


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  1. […] … M20 Hard Core Big font variant. Added armor bonus as spell costs. Online character generator. Alignment Part 12 – Pure Good Lawful and chaotic good characters are bound by law and chaos.  The neutral good character is […]

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  2. I’ve enjoyed this series very much. It’s got me thinking about the alignments, what the game designers intended them to be, and how we have interpreted them.

    After reading this series, I’m considering responding with a series of my own analyzing the new 4e alignments.

    Comment by Patriarch917 | August 30, 2008 | Reply

  3. @Patriarch: As I see it, all they did with 4e alignments is streamline them a bit, so it wouldn’t take a great deal of work to convert what I’ve written here to 4e. However, since alignment has a lot of ways to be played, I’d love to see other’s take on it! 😉

    Comment by Tom | August 31, 2008 | Reply

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