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The Burned Lands Part 4 – The God Wars

The God Wars were the worst event in the history of The Burned Lands.  As the Gods decended into madness, their followers followed suit, creating a world where great knowledge, art, and magic were lost for all times.  For a thousand years, the war killed and maimed generations of people.  Thankfully, that madness has been over for a century.  No one knows what started it, but they all know what ended it.

By the time the war was over, only three gods were left.  Today, I’ll introduce you to each of them.

First there is Antarus, God of the Sun.  Antarus was a philosopher and artist prior to the war, but he turned into a fierce combatant after his wife, Lura (Goddess of Magic) was killed when her temple at Ka-Saroth fell.  He was responsible for killing the last of the Dark Gods to fall.

Next is Vania (pronounced van-EYE-uh), Goddess of Elves.  Originally the elven goddess of war only, she was the last of the elven gods early in the war.  It was then that she created her chosen people, the Vandrosin Elves, fierce warriors who are devoted solely to her.  As such, she was able to secure the safety of her people and ensure thier survival.

Last is Darketh, God of Hell.  Darketh is the last of the Dark Gods.  Originally, he was a God of Torment, but took over the realm of Hell after the rest of the Dark Gods fell.  He too is a fierce warrior, but he is also practical.  It became clear that Antarus was working to get Vania to rejoin the fight against him, so offering a peace was the only choice.

Now, the gods rest in an uneasy peace.  Only their numbers keep them in check today.  Instead, they wage any wars by proxy, through their followers, creating an uneasy world power struggle.  In time, perhaps this too will end.  But only time will tell.

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