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The Great Geek Revolution is NOW!


I started playing D&D in 1993 while serving in the United States Navy.  My first character was a 2e Elven fighter cleric named Tamos Vandros.  Since then, I’ve played many other games including World of Darkness, Call of Cthulu, Paranoia, Mech Warrior, Battle Tech (yes, they are actually different games), Cyberpunk 2020, and many others.

Through all the games I’ve played, I’ve found that somethings are universal…the skills needed to role play effectively are the prime example.  Long before I took up role playing, I was a bit of an actor.  Getting into character, understanding their motivations, and bringing them to life is the stock trade of the actor as well as the role player, and I have made an effort to blend the two skills as best I can and offer up my humble blog to help others as well.

I’m also a film buff, having written two feature length screenplays and acted in an independent film (so independent, I was the highest paid actor in the film…I got pizza ;)).  As such, I can and will examine movies that come out, as well as television projects I feel like talking about, and tell you all what I think of them.

Being a geek is a state of mind these days, one which many of us were labeled with in school and have come to embrace.  This site is your emporium for the where’s and why’s of our geek culture!  So, grab some Cheetos, some Mt. Dew, and get ready for the ride to start! 😉


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