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Tomcat Jr.’s First Adventure

Earlier today, the Chatty One (TM), AKA The Rockstar, posted a post about his son’s bedtime story.  It was a bit funny to me, only because I ran my son through a D&D session not long ago for the first time, and it was a blast.  Chatty request I post the story, and since Chatty is such a celeb now, how can I refuse? 😉

The session’s planning was pretty straight forward.  I took the 3.5 rules I currently used and made them basic with the intent to add to it as he progresses.  I made class choices simple.  He like swords anyways, so he agreed that being a fighter was cool.  I gave him some basic equipment and had him roll up stats.  I asked him what race he wanted to play, and showed him the pics on the PHB.  He settled on a half orc and opted to name him Conan.  Normally, this would be a no-no in one of my campaigns, but he’s 7 so I cut him some slack.

I gave him a few skills I figured he’d need and away we went.  The premise was that the mayor of his town asked him to find the goblins that we stealing the town’s chickens.  Well, Conan goes to the chicken coups and finds goblin tracks.  Having the tracking skill (and a successful roll)l, he follows them back to a cave the goblins are living in.  There are two guards.  I felt sure that this is where he would attack them.

“What do you want to do?” I asked.

“I’ll try and sneak around them to get inside.”  This threw me.  I hadn’t planned on this, but as I had and idea of what everything looked like, I told him that Conan didn’t think he could sneak around them because the cave opening was to small.  He’ll attack them now, I’m sure!

“OK Daddy.  I’ll look for another way in!”  Wow.  In my opinion, this was cool.  He was looking at options and trying to think tactically.  I was impressed.

Well, there wasn’t another way in unfortunately.  So, he returned to the cave’s entrance.  He took out his bow and fired an arrow at a goblin, wounding him.  The goblins realize where he is and attack!

Conan draws his long sword and swings at the first Goblin!  A hit!  The goblin falls down dead.

A second goblin attacks and hits Conan, wounding him slightly.

Conan swings and misses, but so does the goblin!

Conan swings again and lands a fatal blow! The goblin falls to the ground dead.

Cautiously, Conan proceeds into the cave.  He creeps around the turns until he comes to a larger chamber.  There is a table and a couple of chairs.  In the chairs are a couple of goblins.  Conan decides to wait no longer and charges at the two goblins!  One turns to attack him, and Conan quickly dispatches him!

The second one drops his sword and cringes.  “Please don’t hurt me brave warrior!”

Conan looks at the goblin.  “I won’t.  But you need to stop eating the chickens from my town.”

“I will,” answered the goblin.  “In fact, I’ll leave this area right away!”

Conan lowered his sword slightly, and the goblin ran away, heading in the opposite direction from the town.

My son had a blast, and frankly I did too.  Many gamers now have kids of their own, and introducing them to the past time we enjoy is a great thing.  Any game can be stripped down to the essentials and run for a small child.  And besides building our numbers for the future, I’m also sharing something important to me with someone important to me.  What’s better than that?


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