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Here’s the latest news on the transition over to the new Geek Emporium.   Starting this week, with the new fall television season, I’ll begin reviewing geek oriented TV premieres.  Currently, I’ve got Terminator and Fringe on Fox set to review, and that was just what was advertised during the Atlanta/Detroit NFL game this afternoon.  A quick check later will garner a more structured review schedule for the week.

The reason this is listed as news on the new site is that television reviews will be just one of the new features that The Geek Emporium will be having each week.  Granted, I suspect I’m going to become one of the Tivo crowd after this, but that’s OK.  It’s what I do for my readers 😉

Tentatively, the plan is to have reviews for Terminator and Fringe up by midnight the night of the premiere.  Unfortunately, we don’t garner advanced viewings just yet, so midnight is about as good as it gets.  For those who find us through the RPG Bloggers Network, these will not show up in that feed.  Simply put, these aren’t RPG blog posts, and don’t belong there.  However, by subscribing to my feed directly, or just checking out the site by clicking the main link on the RPG Bloggers Network, you’ll be able to find the reviews in all their glory!

So stop by tomorrow night by and check out what we’ve got to say, then share your own opinions as well!  That’s the great thing about blogs.  Everyone has a voice here!

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